Honey Bees for Sale


Local Northern California Honeybees for Sale

Gentle, Calm, Lovingly Raised,Treatment Free Honeybees from a Local Source
Package Bees


  • With New Well Bred Spring Queen
  • Generous 3 lb Package Ready to Install
  • No Deposit Required with Reservation
  • Convenient Pickup Dates

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Up and Running Hive


  • Ready to set up in your backyard
  • New Spring 2017 Queen
  • Lots of bees (3-5 frames full)
  • Metal lid, inner thicker cover
  • Deep box with l0 frames
  • Rubes bottom with observation tray
  • Sturdy Stand

Contact Info


Please send me a message on the Contact Page to order bees.

Or email me at ApriLLancebees@gmail.com. Taking orders now.

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